Partnerships can be made very easily, including by verbal agreement or a mere handshake. Leaving your rights and liabilities to be decided under the default position of the Partnership Act 1890, can be undesirable. It is always a safer and more sensible option to put your partnership agreement in writing, as this allows you to minimise unnecessary conflict and costly legal proceedings, if the partnership breaks down. A written partnership agreement adds certainty and structure to your business relationship with your partner/s.

We can offer our expertise with:

  • Formation of farming partnerships and admission of new partners
    We can advise on and prepare partnership agreements or update your partnership agreement.
  • Dissolution of the farming partnership
    We have experience in advising partners on the dissolution of the farming partnership and partitioning the farm between the respective partners.
  • Tax and Succession Planning
    We work alongside our experts in the Wills, Trusts and Probate team, so that the most appropriate structure and documentation is in place and that the partnership arrangements complement your Will and succession planning